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Synonyms for closet

Synonyms for closet

to enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape

Synonyms for closet

a small room (or recess) or cabinet used for storage space

a toilet in Britain

a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes

a small private room for study or prayer

confine to a small space, as for intensive work

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References in classic literature ?
Some forty minutes Sir Ethelred, in a house of bad repute called Continental Hotel, closeted in a room which by-the-by I took for the night.
Miss Haldin, without turning her face my way, told me that the end was brought about by the appearance of the interviewer, who had been closeted with Madame de S .
Up to this time, Mr Pancks had transacted little or no business at his quarters in Pentonville, except in the sleeping line; but now that he had become a fortune-teller, he was often closeted after midnight with Mr Rugg in his little front-parlour office, and even after those untimely hours, burnt tallow in his bed-room.
Sowerberry was closeted with the board for five minutes; and it was arranged that Oliver should go to him that evening 'upon liking'--a phrase which means, in the case of a parish apprentice, that if the master find, upon a short trial, that he can get enough work out of a boy without putting too much food into him, he shall have him for a term of years, to do what he likes with.
He was closeted with Mr Witherden for some little time, and Mr Abel had been called in to assist at the conference, before Kit, wondering very much what he was wanted for, was summoned to attend them.
To protect themselves, some tightly closeted teachers censor their own syllabi and discussions--to the point of presenting inaccurate and homophobic information about the course material studied.
Lynn Harris breaks ground by giving voice to contemporary closeted homosexuality, and questioning African-American gay and bisexual men searching for self-acceptance in an excerpt from his debut novel, Invisible Life (1991).
It appears it's also hard for any celebrity to stay closeted while an out and proud lesbian is on The View: In a seemingly valiant attempt to protect Clay Aiken from what she perceived as a homophobic remark from Kelly Ripa, Rosie opined in November that if Aiken "were a straight man," Ripa wouldn't have made the comment.
I don't think there is any good argument for outing a closeted politician who supports gay rights.
My guess is that most of these closeted power players are simply protecting their prestige.
Discussion of the amendment has exposed a painful personal and professional catch-22 for the closeted gay men and lesbians who live and work in and around D.
The closeted sub-cabinet officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations are giving way to the openly gay and lesbian professionals in the Clinton administration.
Ian McKellan earned an Oscar(R) nomination for his portrayal of FRANKENSTEIN director James Whale, a closeted homosexual, who develops an attraction for his straight gardener (Brendan Fraser) in this fictional account of his last days.
The lesbians and gays most likely to be seen demonstrating on television are those who are most alienated from the mainstream, he argues, while those most able to counter that image are also most likely to be closeted and invisible.
I have always been against outing closeted gays just for the hell of it.