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(superlative of 'near' or 'close') within the shortest distance

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Passing over the preliminary remarks, Emily read the evidence with the closest attention.
Of course I was where the current set in the closest to the shore -- I knowed enough for that.
Look sharp, now; the current sets in the closest here, and maybe he's washed ashore and got tangled amongst the brush at the water's edge.
And when a cross has been made, the closest selection is far more indispensable even than in ordinary cases.
But probably the most important point of all, is, that the animal or plant should be so highly useful to man, or so much valued by him, that the closest attention should be paid to even the slightest deviation in the qualities or structure of each individual.
Here, on this wild outskirt of the earth, I shall pitch my tent; for, elsewhere a wanderer, and isolated from human interests, I find here a woman, a man, a child, amongst whom and myself there exist the closest ligaments.
They discovered that the island was about three miles long and a quarter of a mile wide, and that the shore it lay closest to was only separated from it by a narrow channel hardly two hun- dred yards wide.
For, if he had ever been out of my thoughts for a few moments together since the hiding had begun, it was in those very moments when he was closest to me; and to think that I should be so unconscious and off my guard after all my care, was as if I had shut an avenue of a hundred doors to keep him out, and then had found him at my elbow.
the moon will be at its perigee, its closest point to Earth, at the same time the Earth will be at one of its closest points to the sun.
It will come closest to Earth on the night of March 24, venturing within 15 million kilometers, or one-tenth the distance from our planet to the sun.
The next closest federal purchasers were GSA with about 500 gigawatt hours, the Environmental Protection Agency with 247 gigawatt hours and the Department of Energy with 145 gigawatt hours.
Sulphur Springs schools are closest to the mining project site and, like many districts throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, had passed a resolution to oppose the project based on foreseen traffic and air pollution.
The closest relatives of the hoatzin, a blue-faced South American bird, are neither turkeys nor chickens, as many bird experts had assumed; they are cuckoos, a new study concludes.
A 13-point loss to Menlo is the closest the Poets have come to a win.