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owned by a relatively few shareholders

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Corrigan Krause is a mid-size CPA firm located in Westlake, Ohio, specialising in servicing closely-held businesses since 1989.
Subsequently the Court held "[t]he contraceptive mandate, as applied to closely-held corporations, violates RFRA.
The hearing will examine how the tax code affects closely-held businesses in particular, and how tax reform might improve their ability to grow and create jobs.
rejecting] the majority view that equates closely-held corporations with statutory close corporations .
She has more than 20 years of public accounting experience and specializes in providing tax planning, research and compliance services to closely-held businesses and their owners.
The experience at the closely-held cement manufacture was much different.
In "Discounts for Lack of Marketability for Closely-Held Business Interests," J.
Accel-KKR has a particular focus on the following transactions: Recapitalizations of family-owned or closely-held private companies, divisional buyouts of larger companies, and going-private transactions.
This 'primary and unconditional obligation' standard applies to all redemptions, including those involving stock of closely-held corporations by spouses or former spouses.
Keith Schiller, an attorney with Schofield and Schiller, a Walnut Creek-based estate planning firm, and a supporter of estate tax simplification, but not repeal, doesn't buy this argument: "The argument of closely-held businesses being liquidated because of estate tax is an inaccurate, misleading overstatement.
Accel-KKR's track record as the preferred partner of management teams of closely-held businesses in the technology sector made the firm the logical choice for us when we determined that we had reached an appropriate point in our development to seek a financial and strategic partner.
The proposals, if enacted, would greatly change the tax treatment of: third party service subsidiaries; closely-held REITs; and built-in gains on the conversion of a C corporation to a REIT or the merger of a C corporation into a REIT.
According to the ruling, "Potential future income is a major factor in many valuations of closely-held stocks, and all information concerning past income which will be helpful in predicting the future should be secured .
The Condon Group, founded in 1973 and based in Tinley Park, IL has earned the distinction for its expertise in closely-held, construction, professional practices, and wholesale distribution businesses.
Ben Bisconti, Managing Director of Accel-KKR, said, "This transaction further illustrates the power of the Accel-KKR model - Providing partial liquidity for family-owned and closely-held technology businesses, and then working closely in partnership with the owner-operators of these businesses to build significant additional value over time.