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owned by a relatively few shareholders

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The court clearly recognized that closely-held corporations enjoy religious liberty rights just as they enjoy rights to free speech.
The hearing will examine how the tax code affects closely-held businesses in particular, and how tax reform might improve their ability to grow and create jobs.
rejecting] the majority view that equates closely-held corporations with statutory close corporations .
She has more than 20 years of public accounting experience and specializes in providing tax planning, research and compliance services to closely-held businesses and their owners.
The experience at the closely-held cement manufacture was much different.
In "Discounts for Lack of Marketability for Closely-Held Business Interests," J.
Accel-KKR has a particular focus on the following transactions: Recapitalizations of family-owned or closely-held private companies, divisional buyouts of larger companies, and going-private transactions.
For example, our current members on average have more than 100 employees and more than half already have sales offices in other countries, which differentiates them from the majority of area closely-held businesses.
Keith Schiller, an attorney with Schofield and Schiller, a Walnut Creek-based estate planning firm, and a supporter of estate tax simplification, but not repeal, doesn't buy this argument: "The argument of closely-held businesses being liquidated because of estate tax is an inaccurate, misleading overstatement.
Accel-KKR's track record as the preferred partner of management teams of closely-held businesses in the technology sector made the firm the logical choice for us when we determined that we had reached an appropriate point in our development to seek a financial and strategic partner.
The proposals, if enacted, would greatly change the tax treatment of: third party service subsidiaries; closely-held REITs; and built-in gains on the conversion of a C corporation to a REIT or the merger of a C corporation into a REIT.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Wall Street's gyrations may be making investors nervous, but there's a hidden benefit for the owners of closely-held businesses -- reduced stock prices allow them to make gifts of stock to their heirs at significant tax savings.
According to the ruling, "Potential future income is a major factor in many valuations of closely-held stocks, and all information concerning past income which will be helpful in predicting the future should be secured .
The Condon Group, founded in 1973 and based in Tinley Park, IL has earned the distinction for its expertise in closely-held, construction, professional practices, and wholesale distribution businesses.
Oasis"), a closely-held bottled water company, to acquire all the outstanding shares of Oasis in exchange for restricted common stock of AFW.