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held together as by social or cultural ties


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Division entails dividing into <Bpieces plants with closely knit roots
In the telling of Bret's story, Kim, so closely knit to his enigmatic sibling, also tells much of his own life-the long road through marriage and divorce and remarriage, through years of education to a PhD, and over three decades of teaching at Lewis & Clark.
E Mourad Bourehla said on Thursday that Tunisia attaches great importance to its relations with Islamic countries including Pakistan, in order to promote cooperation in all fields on the basis of closely knit partnership and interdependence of interests.
It is a very closely knit community here in which they work hard to support children.
Those families were very closely knit, compared to the way we are civilizing them into fragmentation now," he wrote in the Toronto Star.
Seychelles, a small island state with a population of a little over 80,000, is a closely knit community where news travels through "radyo banbou," which in Creole literally means "radio bamboo.
The notion that we live in a closely knit and easily bridgeable world has been widely popularized but is still debatable; after all, most of Africa is largely removed from the world of Westernized commerce and its attendant standards of living, and there are still many remote areas of the world where people's ways are closer to the 19th century than the 21st.
Just like the lives of the small-town characters that inhabit them, the stories that make up Eyehill are so closely knit that they finish each other's sentences, stepping on each other's toes from time to time.
The planet tightly orbits the main star of a closely knit trio of stars collectively known as HD 188753.
Even with all that drive and determination to be just like all the other kids at San Fernando Middle School playing sports, the rest of the closely knit Maldonado family still had their doubts.
Australia, with a closely knit family who are proud of their heritage and proud of the hard work they do in their adopted land.
I have been brought up in a closely knit community where church attendance used to be very high and people would be familiar with each other's grief, concerning themselves with bereavement wherever it was as they rallied around bereaved friends.
But when it strikes young children in a closely knit community it seems all the harder to bear.
Secret agents tended to be drawn from 'a relatively closely knit social group' -- upper middle class reaching into the upper classes.