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ANKARA, Mar 19, 2010 (TUR) -- New business startups and business closedowns in Turkey declined in February over the previous month, according to figures from a national union of chambers.
The county has been hit by a series of textile industry jobs cuts or closedowns in recent months and its tourism has been hard hit by the foot-and-mouth crisis.
Retailers and manufacturers can get value out of interim managers on a number of occasions: after acquisitions, mergers or disposals or restructuring issues, project management or the application of a particular and missing skill onto an existing project team; managing an unplanned absence of senior function heads or directors; and start-up or closedowns of departments, companies or locations, implementation of new technology or supporting rapid growth and product launches.
This is being done by a series of divestitures and closedowns, major manufacturing and overhead cost reductions, and new initiatives in sales.
Target government resources to help avert plant closedowns and employment cutbacks and, if that is not possible, to aid the affected community, company, and employees.
The Chinese government has shown interest to construct a 300MW coal fired power plant, which has been affected by a series of closedowns in Sri Lanka.