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not ready to receive to new ideas


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WILL all those who took up entrenched, closed-minded positions on trams for Liverpool, please note the following from BBC Ceefax:
Hate to bring it up at a time when CNN's Wolf Blitzer has veered away from bombs over Baghdad to do "The Situation Room" show live from Vegas because this is such a pressing matter, but now that Terribly Tiny-Minded Tim Hardaway has learned things the hard way and become the NBA's new whipping boy for Sound Bites Gone Wrong, can we at least pat the guy on the rear end for honestly answering a question that so many closed-minded machomen would avoid, even if it ignited a spirited dialogue and eventually produced an agent-written apology that no one in their right mind believes is sincere?
Supported by a careful gathering of statistics, Being Single in the Church Today does not fall back on a preachy tone or closed-minded attitudes, but honestly and realistically approaches how the church can best adapt to help single people nurture their faith.
Otherwise, Wilson comes off as a naive, closed-minded bigot convinced, against any evidence to the contrary, of the righteousness of his actions.
Not discerning that a Rhea County crowd had its fair share of well-read and well-educated citizens with diverse views, Mencken wrote comments as insular and closed-minded as he accused others of being.
I warned them that the course was not for the squeamish nor for the closed-minded.
Since murder or experimentation on a child or adult is repugnant, I don't find it closed-minded to have the same concern for a person's body in the womb as I do after they die.
Fiercely loyal and closed-minded to a farcical degree:' One White House insider notes that Perez worked for Barbara Bush and describes her as "tart, not terribly creative, very efficient, with a very good feel for seeing what the big story is going to be.
Unless children understand where they are and why they are there and are personally engaged, they will only be bored and closed-minded about the whole matter.
Some are so closed-minded their ears touch" was the saying of a favorite teacher of mine.
Do business issues you have never experienced result in closed-minded attitudes?
And the Star had a reputation, not entirely deserved, of being too predictable, too knee-jerk conservative, too closed-minded.
She raised joining for years, because of one closed-minded associate.
For those who brought down the World Trade Center, it is a form of progress that works against their closed-minded cause.