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a complete electrical circuit around which current flows or a signal circulates

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Installation of closed-circuit cameras at all the important places of the station would help tighten security of Rawalpindi Railway Station.
One of the advocates of the closed-circuit system was Tom Bourdillon,a member of Lloyd's research team.
Among these will be the use of closed-circuit television surveillance in the Square.
In 14 chapters, it takes the reader from video theory through every aspect of the closed-circuit video system.
The most effective crime-stopping devices are audio/video intercoms and closed-circuit TV systems.
The future for the closed-circuit television industry looks very bright.
The procedure will be performed at the Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute and broadcast to the 2007 ISET audience live via closed-circuit television.
Some impact crushers are also designed with on-board vibrating screens, providing crushing and screening capability in closed-circuit configuration on a single chassis.
A closed-circuit course means the aircraft will take off and land in the same location, in this case Salina.
They feature a new toggle clamp design that makes the machine considerably shorter and has closed-circuit, oil-free lubrication.
These explanations suggest a benign and even inevitable evolution from closed-circuit video to projection, but ultimately they tell only part of the story.
Home Office minister Bob Ainsworth yesterday officially opened Flintshire County Council's pounds 500,000 closed-circuit television monitoring suite at its county headquarters in Mold.
Built on Microtune's MT2050 tuner, A2B's range of products -- its MultiBox Headend for home and institutional use, its MultiBox Professional Headend for commercial closed-circuit systems and its Professional E Series for CATV systems -- deliver digital video and data services to multi-users over broadband networks.
Expression of Interest for Provision of one-time closed-circuit television sewer inspection service for United Nations eadquarters in New York
Future models will include closed-circuit and negative-pressure types.