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broadcast with captions that are seen only on receivers having special equipment

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The designation allows any one of those millions of people to see, 0K, this one is closed-captioned, and this one isn't.
Telecom minister Toranosuke Katayama has said that the ministry may require broadcasters to increase closed-captioned programs if its request is not met promptly.
The designers have paid special attention to travelers with disabilities, with such features as sensors embedded in the floors for passengers using special canes, Braille lettering in elevators and washrooms, ``talking'' elevators, closed-captioned monitors, visual paging systems, check-in counter microphones and headsets, and visual fire alarms.
Each title is 23 minutes long and has a closed-captioned feature for the hearing impaired.
We are pleased that Pace, a worldwide leader in the digital set-top box market, has selected our software for its closed-captioned text.
Approximately 70 minutes long apiece, color, closed-captioned, and available at the reduced price of $99.
ARTHUR's "It's Only Rock and Roll" is closed-captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH Boston and described for blind and visually impaired audiences by Descriptive Video Service(R) (DVS(R)) at WGBH.