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Synonyms for suction

a force over an area produced by a pressure difference

the act of sucking

remove or draw away by the force of suction

Related Words

empty or clean (a body cavity) by the force of suction

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The patient is taught to care for and empty both the closed suction drain and the ureteral stents protruding from the stoma.
Of the measures employed to manage mastectomy wound fluid collections, closed suction wound drainage has been used most extensively since 194715.
Patients were then operated by Rhomboid excision and Modified Limberg's Flap technique with a closed suction drain and were allocated as group 1.
Clinical effects of closed suction drainage on wound healing in patients with head and neck cancer.
Some positive aspects of closed suction systems are well-known, including the guarantee of aseptic chain in case of inadequate handwashing avoidance of catheter contamination by non-sterile objects and the risk of environmental cross-contamination, whereas the single use of catheter in open suction system decreases the chance of bacterial colonisation (Zeitoun et al.
Of the measures employed to manage mastectomy wounds, closed suction wound drainage has been accepted as the most effective in reducing morbidity.
The IPS Tempo[TM] pre-engineered intelligent pump system helps eliminate costly downtime and expensive repairs caused by dry running, blocked lines, pump overloads, closed suction or discharge valves, cavitation, and excessive wear or rubbing.
Mark Chariker, she designed a clinical study in which they stated that "their closed suction wound drainage system revolutionized the management of enterocutaneous fistulae complicating ventral abdominal wounds.
Of 24 patients who received a subcutaneous closed suction drain, 4% experienced wound complications, compared with 19% of 26 patients who received subcutaneous sutures, and 42% of 26 patients in the "no suture or drain" group.
The Trach-Assist ([R])is designed for use between a endotracheal/tracheostomy tube and a closed suction system.
At the congress, Teleflex will be introducing the CleanSweep Closed Suction System (CSS), an innovative closed suction catheter designed to remain in-line for up to 72 hours.
Serres offers its closed suction liner system for hospitals and acute-care facilities, which the company feels is user-friendly and cost-efficient.
The Portex[R] SuctionPro[TM] 72 Closed Suction System, is designed for airway suctioning of critically ill patients and is indicated for 72 hours of continuous use.
In a prospective randomised trial, Nigerian researchers Ezeome and Adebamowo (4) assessed the effectiveness of closed simple drainage versus closed suction drainage in the management of post-radical mastectomy wounds, and found no significant difference.