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a session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public

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The council denied Payne-Hublers allegation that it discussed topics in closed session that were outside the scope of the section.
He said Deguito's testimony during the closed session easily checked out.
BEIRUT: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon held a closed session Tuesday, its fifth consecutive day of confidential proceedings.
The court has ordered a series of closed sessions to cross-examine former officials, citing national security concerns.
The decision was taken in response to the request of the Minister of Representatives and Shura Councils Affairs, Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Fadhel to turn it into a closed session according to the parliamentary regulations.
The report pointed out that going into closed session for a proposed or pending acquisition of land is not mandatory but discretionary, and should take place only "when there is some potential harm, financial or otherwise, of having a discussion on a pending sale held in open session.
However, the 15 ministers who were present at the session and who had the right to vote backed those who wanted a closed session.
Parliament sessions are open sessions, but closed sessions are allowed if so
The United Nations Security Council held a closed session on Thursday to discuss a report on the implementation of Resolution 1559, according to the Beirut daily AN NAHAR on Friday.
MPs spent the next hour in closed session, though it emerged later that they discussed the disputed minutes word by word and compromised by keeping some of the comments and deleting those directly involving the leadership.
At issue was a rule, ultimately passed without dissent, to refer to the state Ethics Commission any cases in which an official is found to have leaked information discussed in a legal closed session.
The proposal was changed to keep meetings open, but allow the group's agenda committee to identify issues that could be discussed in closed session.
We are going to go to the board with this matter, but it will be under closed session and we will decide what we do then,'' Castellanos said.
University lawyer Tom Ray advised the regents it was acceptable to vote in closed session.
Anybody who stood up to McCarthy in closed session, and did so articulately, tended not to get called up into the public session," Ritchie told the Associated Press.