closed loop

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a control system with a feedback loop that is active

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The Closed Loop Bench offers an array of features that enable real-world testing of aircraft systems without ever leaving the lab.
Solo Cup Europe is taking 20 percent of the rPET output from Closed Loop.
Transitioning from paper to digital sales and marketing with Closed Loop Marketing results in great rewards, such as cost reduction and improved brand performance," said Derek Pollock, President, Proscape Life Sciences.
Market Analytics III-20 Table 15: Canadian Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for Prepaid Cards by Segment - Closed Loop and Open Loop Prepaid Cards Independently Analyzed with Annual Load in US$ Million for Years 2013 through 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-20 Table 16: Canadian Historic Review for Prepaid Cards by Segment - Closed Loop and Open Loop Prepaid Cards Independently Analyzed with Annual Load in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-21 Table 17: Canadian 15-Year Perspective for Prepaid Cards by Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Load for Closed Loop and Open Loop Prepaid Cards for Years 2006, 2014 and 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-22
The Dagenham extension reflects expansion plans by bottler Britvic and its preform supplier Constar, who use recycled PET from Closed Loop in Britvic's Drench water bottles.
What are the benefits of open loop stored value cards compared to closed loop solutions, cash, checks, and other paper-based systems?
Our new closed loop customer miles are at a higher revenue per mile, but the empty miles and low priced backhaul incurred during this transition period caused our overall revenue per mile to drop roughly 1.
Using the Proscape platform, Merck is able to capture customer input which provides rapid insight regarding customer preferences and requirements thereby enabling Merck to make rapid modifications to strategy and tactics and realize the benefits of Closed Loop Marketing.
Our Closed Loop module is a byproduct of our commitment to enhancing VisiLoanReview to meet our client's strategic and tactical goals.
Only the cooling-tower water is exposed to airborne contaminants, while only the clean water in the closed loops actually passes through the molds and heat exchangers.
Requiring the use of more costly Closed Loop systems, which would consume an incremental 3.
The closed loops dispose of collected process heat by transferring it to a third closed loop containing 30% glycol that goes to either a chiller or a cooling tower, depending on the season.
When combined with the company's FEMs for closed loop platforms, Skyworks is the only semiconductor supplier supporting all three EDGE architectures - closed loop, open loop and linear implementations.
The Economical Resin Drying System (ERD System) is a new design to heat and dry raw materials in two steps inside one hopper using very dry process air in an open circuit and a secondary air stream in a closed loop.
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