closed loop

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a control system with a feedback loop that is active

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8220;Aerospace engineers can now use Aviya's Closed Loop Bench from the early stages of the design process through to the certification stage, ensuring that these complex systems are designed on time and within budget, while meeting or exceeding stringent technical specifications.
Closed Loop Recycling is working with partners M&S and Solo Cup Europe on the lunchtime waste recycling scheme.
Chris Dow, managing director of Closed Loop London, said: "It is the vision and commitment of companies like Solo Cup Europe that have made this new facility happen.
The Closed Loop Marketing Executive Summit will provide a forum for the Proscape user community and other invited Life Sciences executives to exchange knowledge and best practices, share innovative ideas and network with like-minded peers.
As well as the new London extension, Closed Loop has plans to build a 50,000 tonnes plant in North Wales, with a further five plants to come--although the opportunity that has arisen in London through the Thames Gateway Development Corporation may put these on the back burner.
The time spent in target range was 52% with closed loop versus 39% for CSII, and the time spent with hypoglycemia was 1.
closed loop solutions on retailers, the financial industry, and companies that currently serve the unbanked and credit challenged?
Teams with Proscape Technologies to Complete Transformation from Paper-Based Detailing to Integrated, Customer-Focused Closed Loop Marketing System
0 makes it easier than ever for developers and architects to create and manage world-class business applications, while delivering the next generation of design-time SOA governance via a closed loop production/consumption process.
SAN DIEGO -- Visionet Systems has announced the availability of its Closed Loop QA/QC([TM]) extension for VisiLoanReview([R]) (VLR), a 100 percent Web-based program providing electronic quality control and underwriting reviews to the lender and investor community.
The second closed loop uses chillers to cool the molds in summer.
As a result of Governor's Blanco's action, McMoRan will undertake to obtain approval of its MPEH(TM) project using Closed Loop technology while we continue to address concerns about the more efficient ORV technology.
The closed loops dispose of collected process heat by transferring it to a third closed loop containing 30% glycol that goes to either a chiller or a cooling tower, depending on the season.
When combined with the company's FEMs for closed loop platforms, Skyworks is the only semiconductor supplier supporting all three EDGE architectures - closed loop, open loop and linear implementations.
The Economical Resin Drying System (ERD System) is a new design to heat and dry raw materials in two steps inside one hopper using very dry process air in an open circuit and a secondary air stream in a closed loop.
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