closed interval

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an interval that includes its endpoints

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Our "augmentation" terminology does not mean to suggest that the intervals themselves are larger, just that the top and bottom elements of the corresponding closed intervals are longer.
Taking their sum and the definite integral for any closed interval [a,b] yields
Because the stress S and strength R are functions of these interval variables respectively, they will vary within some closed intervals [S.
0] (that is the endpoints of the closed interval [D.
infinity]] be a harmonic sequence of polynomials, let f(t) be n-time differentiable on the closed interval [a, b] such that [m.
The set of chambers incident to a face F [member of] [Laplace](A) forms a closed interval [c, d] in P(A, [c.
The said polynomial is selfintegrating in the closed interval [0,1].
j] it results in a pay-off of the closed interval [[a.
Finally, using the fact that every closed interval of [C.
A set consisting of a closed interval of real numbers x such that a [less than or equal to] x [less than or equal to] b is called an interval number.
A closed interval was used during the integration for the curve length calculation.
5] The family [tau](S) of all CLSC functions from a fuzzy topological space (X, S) to the unit closed interval I = [0, 1] forms a fuzzy topology called completely induced fuzzy topology (CIFT) and is denoted [tau](S).
P has an interval representation, that is, with each element x [member of] P we may associate a real closed interval [[l.
and it is locally self-dual if every closed interval of P is self-dual.