closed fracture

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an uncomplicated fracture in which the broken bones to not pierce the skin

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In this study, pigeons and partridges with tibiotarsal rotation were managed by creating a closed fracture and repairing it with an intramedullary pin type-2 external fixator tie-in system.
There are two basic types of bone fracture: open or compound, in which the skin is broken and the bone is exposed, or closed fractures, in which the skin near the bone isn't broken.
252A: Displaced fracture of greater tuberosity of left humerus, initial encounter for closed fracture.
Controlled vocabulary search terms "Fractures, Stress," "Fractures, Bone," "Fractures, Closed," "Cumulative Trauma Disorder"; and text words "stress fracture*," "fracture*," "cumulative trauma disorder*" were combined with the Boolean operator "OR" to capture all relevant articles pertaining to a closed fracture.
Late results of excision of the radial head for an isolated closed fracture.
A healthy 4-year-old boy sustained a closed fracture of the arm and died of Clostridium sordellii infection 4 days later.
An evidence of locally changing deformation rate is the WNW-SEE-trending clastic dike F3 in Piusa quarry, which within the 200 m stretch thins out to the closed fracture (Fig.
Long-term quality of life in trauma patients following the full spectrum of tibial injury (fasciotomy, closed fracture, grade IIIB/IIIC open fracture and amputation).
Moreover, fracture-dislocations, and split head fractures were excluded from some studies, while others included open and closed fracture patterns; (ii) the approach used and surgical experience and preference vary between different centers and the level of the trauma center at which the patients were treated influenced the final outcome; (iii) different types of commercially available designs were used.
This patient has a closed fracture of the : distal phalanx, called a tuft fracture, and a subungual hematoma, evident from the x-ray and the physical presentation.
A computed tomography (CT) of the coxofemoral joint showed a minimally displaced, simple closed fracture of the left femoral neck, with sclerosis of the fracture fragments.
Paddy Brennan, who suffered a closed fracture of his arm in a fall at Perth at the end of last month, is fighting to be fit to ride at Galway next week.
Lister, like so many surgeons before him, was puzzled by the observation that a closed fracture, no matter how severe, would heal without infection.