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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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vesical closed drainage system, consisting of: probe foley no 16fr, two way, silver ion plated e hidrogel with ball 5 ml, sampling port connector with a closed system bag 2000 ml.
If homes were built there on three-acre lots the city could require a closed drainage system, so runoff from roof drains and the road could be channeled away to a detention pond, Mr.
The samples were collected from a small closed drainage that originates approximately 5km further up-stream from the last sample point.
There will be closed drainage on parts of the stretch with collection in sand traps before it headed out to streams in the area.
The road will be dug up for the installation of a closed drainage system, according to Michael Verseckes, public affairs person for the Mass.
Major work includes placement of approximately 1250 feet of 36-inch diameter corrugated HDPE piping and backfill into east-west ditch to create a closed drainage system providing space for road widening and intersection and improvements at Doherty Drive.
Another study found no difference in the rate of bacteriuria between a preconnected closed drainage system and standard closed drainage system following catheter insertion.