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a rhymed couplet that forms a complete syntactic unit

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As a poet, he took his own advice, rendering Homeric epic into closed couplets, taking up a subscription and earning enough money to be recognized as the first Englishman to make his living from writing poetry.
Hence Troy, a media age remake of Homer, is as true to our times as closed couplets to Pope's--featuring Brad Pitt, the hero of workout and martial arts and Troy itself, a stage set of pure fantasy fit for an audience unable to locate the historic city on a map.
In fact, her comments crystallized the aspects that I wanted to concentrate on in this review: the poems' seemingly modest diction, matter-of-fact tone, and accessible subject matter, and how even the free verse pieces that occupy most of the book are clearly informed by Phillips's mastery of traditional forms including, in this collection, "rightly rhymed" Shakespearean sonnets, whole poems in open couplets, and closed couplets to end free verse pieces.
Translator's note: The ghazal is a poem comprised of autonomous closed couplets, wherein each stanza can stand independently.