closed corporation

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The Ministry of Trade should avail a register of the properties of closed corporations, so that if they own land no asset transfers can be done without the Ministry of Lands being aware.
Founded in South Africa in 1989, it operated as a small closed corporation with only two directors and a dwindling bank account until it landed a two-year contract to provide military services to the Angolan government; a contract that would earn the company over $80 million (U.
This phenomenon occurred, after all, in nations with very different "public domains": states with common law and those with civil law, states where most lawyers were civil servants and those where most were in private practice, and states where the bar was a closed corporation and those with no restrictions on pleading in court.
He applies this analysis to the long standing debate over appropriate exit rules for closed corporation shareholders.
Marriage was an economic pact in which fidelity was essential to maintain a stable home for kids and, in more traditional societies, to ensure the purity of bloodlines--only the wife's chastity could assure the father that the children he was raising, and to whom he would pass on his property, were really his, The family was primarily an economic institution, and monogamy guaranteed that it would remain a closed corporation.