close-quarter fighting

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hand-to-hand fighting at close quarters

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Force-recon Marines are experts in direct-action, close-quarter fighting and reconnaissance operations.
Petersen (``Das Boot''), however, does give the combat scenes their own muscle; they are slickly edited and paced in order not to be confusing in the close-quarter fighting but move fast enough not to linger on the gore.
This time we have really got to play our own game and not be drawn into the close-quarter fighting they like.
Cloudstone" offers three character classes, including the close-quarter fighting Warrior, ranged-attack Wizards, and the quick-healing Monk.
It was really close-quarter fighting, so we couldn't use our artillery," he said, adding troops were still pursuing small pockets of fleeing gunmen Thursday.
The 100 TA soldiers have just returned from a six-month tour of duty in Helmand Province, where they were involved in intense close-quarter fighting with the Taliban.
King of 16 New Zealand Field Regiment, also received the DSO for his bravery during the close-quarter fighting.
LINE was a standardized system of close-quarter fighting designed to be taught to company and battalion-size units.
He taught me close-quarter fighting as well as Chinese medicine and pressure point techniques.
Previously, the army had not helped the militiamen because they were locked in close-quarter fighting with the Taliban and the military was worried it might hit them by mistake.