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packed especially tightly

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Twelve aliquots of each pigment dispersion at 65% solids were centrifuged for 30 min at 12,000 RPM (~16,000g) to separate the pigment particles from the aqueous dispersion into a close-packed sediment.
Such close-packed arrays of polyhedral erythrocytes, or polyhedrocytes as the researchers dubbed them, were also observed in human arterial thrombi taken from patients who had heart attacks.
In the close-packed bunch, Robbie Hunter (Garmin-Sharp) spectacularly tumbled over his handlebars fracturing the peloton.
Phonons tend to pass along the thermal conductors as they travel through the insulation by jumping from particle to particle in a close-packed network.
Based on the X-ray diffraction, iron has been reported to adapt several structures at high pressure and temperature: [alpha] and [delta], body-centered cubic (bcc); [gamma], face centered cubic (fcc); [epsilon], hexagonal close-packed (hcp); [beta], double-hcp phase (dhcp) or orthorhombic phase.
The circumscribed volume of a collection of close-packed spheres is, however, 1.
In a boat skimming past red and black mangroves, close-packed, leaning over the brackish Rio Tempisque, where crocodiles swim, the scales down the middle of their backs breaking the water's murky surface like chains of floating rocks, I think of the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland, my father beside me when I was eight.
The Brightsen model builds on the early cluster models of the Resonating Group Structure of John Wheeler [2] and the Linus Pauling Close-Packed Spheron Model [3], which predict mathematically that the wave function of a composite nucleus can be viewed quantum mechanically as a combination of partial wave functions that correspond to the multiple ways nucleons (protons, neutrons) can be distributed into close-packed clusters, thus rejecting the standard model Hartree-Fock formalism of average field interactions between independent nucleons in nuclear shells.
The team has applied this scheme to more than 20 different combinations of materials, including close-packed nanocrystal spheres for thermoelectric materials and vertically aligned nanorods for solar cells.
Down the path and over the course, the white rails gleaming against the green field, the close-packed Railway fences stiff with birch.
While they are close-packed to provide comprehensive heat protection, the structure allows the foil to be manipulated to suit different geometries.
While they are close-packed to provide robust heat protection, this structure allows the foil to be bent and manipulated to suit different geometries.
m] is that the particles of the present systems formed a random loose-packed structure (rather than a random close-packed structure).