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packed especially tightly

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Such close-packed arrays of polyhedral erythrocytes, or polyhedrocytes as the researchers dubbed them, were also observed in human arterial thrombi taken from patients who had heart attacks.
The space left between the hexagonal close-packed cylindrical tubes of PCM allow for the flow of a propylene glycol solution HTF (heat transfer fluid), which is circulated through the containment tank to transfer thermal energy with the encapsulated PCM.
From Turkey and the Middle East, where it grows on arid mountainsides, this spurge has close-packed glaucous leaves, slightly pointed, which spiral thickly round its dangling stems.
In the close-packed bunch, Robbie Hunter (Garmin-Sharp) spectacularly tumbled over his handlebars fracturing the peloton.
Phonons tend to pass along the thermal conductors as they travel through the insulation by jumping from particle to particle in a close-packed network.
The Brightsen model builds on the early cluster models of the Resonating Group Structure of John Wheeler [2] and the Linus Pauling Close-Packed Spheron Model [3], which predict mathematically that the wave function of a composite nucleus can be viewed quantum mechanically as a combination of partial wave functions that correspond to the multiple ways nucleons (protons, neutrons) can be distributed into close-packed clusters, thus rejecting the standard model Hartree-Fock formalism of average field interactions between independent nucleons in nuclear shells.
The team has applied this scheme to more than 20 different combinations of materials, including close-packed nanocrystal spheres for thermoelectric materials and vertically aligned nanorods for solar cells.
Down the path and over the course, the white rails gleaming against the green field, the close-packed Railway fences stiff with birch.
This close-packed coverage results in admirable biographical writing.
m] is that the particles of the present systems formed a random loose-packed structure (rather than a random close-packed structure).
This book is close-packed, full of ideas, approaches, ambitions, all of which are loosely organised around the use of hexagonal frame structural systems.
Common crystalline structure of metallic reinforced are: face-centered cubic, body-centered cubic and hexagonal close-packed [Rufe,2002].
Because the beam can be as narrow as a few tens of nanometers across, it may prove useful for tasks such as writing close-packed data bits onto optical disks and identifying the chemicals making up nanoscale objects, its inventors say.
His store, 40 years old and a bit worn around the edges, doesn't look that much different from other Taco Bells with close-packed tables and huge soda dispenser.