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But I continued to be close-mouthed and after almost an hour-long telephone conversation, there was little that the man could get out of my interaction with Naxalites.
Pic trusts its focus on close-mouthed, stereotyped Sicilian machismo (even among the female characters) to be endlessly hilarious.
Four decades later, clean-living, close-mouthed Hank Aaron came along and passed the Babe in a marathon drive fueled by his stoically suppressed rage at the white racism that dogged him on and off the field.
Her best friend in America cannot understand why Rowena is so close-mouthed about her budding romance.
No longer close-mouthed one is not a zany in Cheers (12)
Coliseum officials have been very close-mouthed about specifics and the term sheet the NFL submitted on its demands for what changes would be needed to win league approval.
He lived a double life, was close-mouthed, and disappeared without explanation.
You have to think there will be more Belk stores like this; there may already be some, but the notoriously close-mouthed Belk family isn't saying.
The smaller, independent hospital's response then was close-mouthed at worst, politely optimistic at best.
That sounds like Porter but, in Berlin's hands, there's no tongue in any cheek--when the lovers kiss on the hammock, one assumes it's close-mouthed.
In fact, he is setting an example in open government - and making Dewar look like a close-mouthed control freak by comparison.
Other notoriously close-mouthed companies like Lydall and Foss have also completed complementary acquisitions that are allowing them to diversify and remain competitive in a more challenging market.
Company officials were generally close-mouthed about developments in the company and were virtually inaccessible to reporters.
The utilities and brokers involved tend to be close-mouthed about deals.
Most mutual funds are very close-mouthed about the securities they hold.