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Other notoriously close-mouthed companies like Lydall and Foss have also completed complementary acquisitions that are allowing them to diversify and remain competitive in a more challenging market.
Company officials were generally close-mouthed about developments in the company and were virtually inaccessible to reporters.
The utilities and brokers involved tend to be close-mouthed about deals.
Most mutual funds are very close-mouthed about the securities they hold.
For its part, Fosters was also being close-mouthed and reiterated the statement it has always made regarding the long running rumours, It said: "The strategic review of our UK operations is not complete and no decision has been reached.
In its typical close-mouthed fashion, Tokusen USA Inc.
Yeager was uncharacteristically close-mouthed in succeeding weeks, but a sly grin would appear on his leathery face when we rehashed the war in staff meetings.
To navigate these issues, safety teams - traditionally close-mouthed - now communicate openly with regulatory officials.
Close-mouthed about Red Bull and his own chances of repeating their success from last season, Vettel said that he hoped that there will not be a large gap between him and Hamilton during the season like the Top Gear show, adding that his team is in a shape to give a good fight to Hamilton's Mercedes unit.
Coliseum officials have been very close-mouthed about specifics and the term sheet the NFL submitted on its demands for what changes would be needed to win league approval.
A recent national survey on smiles conducted by Harris Interactive(R) for Trident White(R) Spearmint sugarless chewing gum revealed that America's favorite kind of smile is a wide, toothy ear-to-ear smile over a mysterious grin, close-mouthed smile or smirk.
No, Resource Saver did not result from Vanguard, said Thieneman last week, still close-mouthed about the status of that research.
I remember your wide, close-mouthed grin and your deeply furrowed brow.
But one observer says, "They're very close-mouthed at Dillard's.