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  • adj

Synonyms for close-minded

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

Synonyms for close-minded

not ready to receive to new ideas

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Therefore, an expert can be more close-minded and less creative in thinking, since they are not open to new ideas or different viewpoints.
grew up in a close-minded and stupid environment, unable to learn anything at all," E.
Some who are very rule-driven tend to be close-minded because they "go by the book" and if it's not "in the book" they don't buy it.
It is by now old news that the Perkins-Dobson-Wildman-Bauer quartet is hysterical, close-minded, and out of touch with all but a vocal minority of religious fundamentalists who think that the ACLU has laid waste to the United States and that everything could be fixed if all gay people turned straight and Christians were just allowed to preach the Gospel in every corner of America's public squares.
The people are close-minded and intolerant of those who are different, the beautiful scenery is rapidly losing out to an oil and gas industry with an enormous presence and a chain restaurant or superstore sits on nearly every corner, with more going up daily.
Playing alongside a good metal or hardcore band is really fun; the only problem comes in when the audience is a meathead, racist, homophobic, or otherwise close-minded metal crowd.
Ask any industrialist or parent Ms Bullock, they will soon show you the problems with our current education system - it is usually close-minded teachers who think they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion.
The one was critically educated, the other close-minded, with a definite Bildungsdefizit; the one favoring modern industrial cities, the other backward country towns; the one reserving the private sphere for women, the other giving sway to women even in public roles; the one proud, free, propertied and male, the other advocating poverty, obedience, and celibacy while influencing women in the confessional against their husbands' wishes.
He highlights what he sees as the sometimes equally close-minded views expressed by Republican leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge.
It becomes such a close-minded thing, ironically - he becomes so close-minded that he's not interested in any kind of dialogue or anything; there's too much at stake.
It isn't the close-minded attitude that has led to mechanicals being described as unethical and banned in certain states.
Those who limit themselves to drinking the wares of tiny "undiscovered" wineries are just plain close-minded.
I realize you may feel I'm a close-minded right-wing zealot not worth listening to.
They sounded close-minded and ignorant and set up an awkward division.
As a bonus, my mother, a subtle iconoclast in her own right, evolved towards vegetarianism on her own, and gradually became my fellow defender of vegetarianism against the close-minded remainder of the family.