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held together as by social or cultural ties


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I believe that if some of that close-knit comunity contacted the police and gave all the information they have with regard to drug dealers in their community, it would be a much better place to live in and bring up their children and grandchildren.
This is a very close-knit community and the tragedy has affected everybody.
Yeah we were a family of footballers, close-knit and always looking out for one another.
A recent study from the RAND corporation finds that adolescents from close-knit neighborhoods are less likely to become obese.
As Professor of English Joan Beal explains, the difference is due to the way close-knit communities have developed over the years.
Handmade blankets brought smiles to several new mothers and cancer patients at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills recently, thanks to the nimble fingers of a close-knit group of women.
A doctor who has been supporting the relatives of Britons killed in the Bah-rain boat tragedy yesterday told of the close-knit expatriate community's "strength" in dealing with its loss.
The curious thing about Miki Carmi's recent portraits of his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa is their apparent redundancy: each looks more or less the same as the next, confirming that they are members of one close-knit or even inbred family.
The land deals raised a furor in the Holy Land's close-knit Greek Orthodox community, whose mostly Palestinian parishioners have long resented the sale of church property to Israelis.
The plastics field then was so small and close-knit that a magazine could be written equally for materials and equipment suppliers and processors.
Often surrounded by her two sons, her grands, and great-grandchildren, she reveled in their progress and their close-knit family.
The Landings at HarborSide will be a model of new urbanism, combining the openness of the suburbs with the feel of a close-knit community and all the conveniences of city living," explained Sam Gershwin, president of Westminster Communities.
Together, these three are said to have established a close-knit informal discussion club with exchanges significantly more straightforward than those taking place during official meetings.
Huge object buildings and urban highways crashed down into parts of its ancient centre, breaking up its traditional close-knit texture, and destroying much of its urban culture.