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having the sails trimmed for sailing as close to the wind as possible

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Oh, I felt a rare young devil, as we hoisted the big mainsail that morning, broke out anchor, and filled away close-hauled on the three-mile beat to windward out into the bay.
It was gloomy weather; dead head wind, blowing quite half a gale; the Ferndale under reduced sail was stretching close-hauled across the track of the homeward bound ships, just moving through the water and no more, since there was no object in pressing her and the weather looked threatening.
As to the ship, I had watched her out of this very window, reaching close-hauled under short canvas into the bay on a dark, threatening afternoon.
Running off before the wind with everything to starboard, he came about, and returned close-hauled on the port tack.
a) shall not cause the other boat to sail above close-hauled to avoid her or prevent the other boat from passing the mark, and
Sally will be approaching faster and if she needs to sail above close-hauled to avoid Patsy, then Patsy has broken Rule 18.
Imagine my reaction then when I spotted a painting in the Harrison Line sale catalogued as ``attributed to Joseph Heard'', a cracking picture titled ``The Brig Tom Tough sailing close-hauled under close-reefed topsails off the Skerries, Anglesey''.