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Synonyms for close-grained

dense or compact in structure or texture, as a wood composed of small-diameter cells


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s work is a meticulously researched, close-grained analysis of the existing literature--much of it archival--that builds upon the previous redaction histories of Francisco Gil Hellin, Hanjo Saner, and Riccardo Burigana.
Maple is a close-grained wood, and that's desirable.
The wood is heavy, hard, strong, close-grained, and stiff with a uniform texture.
The close-grained wood resembles sugar maple but has a softer texture, is not as heavy, and has somewhat poorer machining qualities.
Streb's close-grained but accessible account of gubernatorial contests in Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, and Virginia in the South, and in Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts in the North, poses "the racial puzzle" that even where voting remains racially polarized, race is now "the missing issue" in campaigns.
In Snow Pine, 1994, the silk gives a simple study in blacks and grays a richly luminous quality creating a pearly, close-grained haze similar to that achieved by sfumato or a rich mezzotint.
These dense, nonporous surfacing materials offer the peppery, close-grained look associated with some granites, but without as much weight.
Wood is imported from the United States and frames are constructed from solid, kiln-dried, close-grained, grade one hardwoods.
The close-grained wood works well and can be finished beautifully.
Carya illinoensis has close-grained, hard wood that is pale reddish-brown with occasional dark streaks.