close quarters

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a situation of being uncomfortably close to someone or something

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A short rally at close quarters, and they close; in another moment the Slogger is thrown again heavily for the third time.
He said readily, that the way was to keep them off with our great shot as long as we could, and then to use our small arms, to keep them from boarding us; but when neither of these would do any longer, we would retire to our close quarters, for perhaps they had not materials to break open our bulkheads, or get in upon us.
The dislike of the wolf for close quarters was his to an unusual degree.
He made a sudden lunge for Tarzan, but the ape-boy leaped nimbly to one side, eluding him, and with the quickness of a cat wheeled and leaped back again to close quarters.
He stood with head lowered and arms outstretched, preparing for a sudden charge to close quarters.
Don Quixote merely observed him steadily, longing for him to leap from the cart and come to close quarters with him, when he hoped to hew him in pieces.
It angered him too, and at such times his mighty jaws came nearer to closing in the soft flesh of his friend than at any other, for he was still an ape, with an ape's short temper and brutal instincts; but the difficulty was in catching his tormentor while his rage lasted, for when he lost his head and rushed madly into close quarters with the boy he discovered that the stinging hail of blows released upon him always found their mark and effectually stopped him--effectually and painfully.
Steven Stanley from the University of Hawaii in Manoa believes the short arms were used for 'vicious slashing' at close quarters.
c Seeing such a charismatic individual - who won the Irish Open in 1983, 1985 and 1986 - at close quarters was like an epiphany for me.
Army troops of the Philippines and the United States (US) conducted close quarters and urban battle training in Nueva Ecija, with the American soldiers taking lessons from their Filipino counterparts' experience in the fight against insurgency.
Second, in close quarters, the role of your offhand becomes critical because it will be used to defend, control or strike as appropriate.
Ideal for tight areas, the lift system can be removed with clearances of less than 12 inches, allowing a forked machine to become a close quarters crane.
After assessing both at close quarters, the men's eight world champion tipped Oxford to extend their recent dominance.
Tonight, they will be carefully examining at close quarters if he can belatedly build on an excellent goal at Everton and a brilliant assist at Fulham, as he ought to have done against West Bromwich Albion at the weekend.
The knife was designed by Greg Thompson, founder of the US Army's Special Operations Combative Program (SOCP), a special operations program that focuses on advanced close quarters combat techniques.