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a military formation for drill or marching

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Shortly after a group of five broke away with Mathathi and Olympic medallist Micah Kogo leading Mutai, Maiyo and Moroccan Jaouad Gharib in close order.
Thirly kept close order after a 3-2 win over Netherley Wood Lane Legion.
Paddy Brennan set the early pace aboard Nacarat but McCoy was keen to take close order and settled in second.
I'M OFF, THEN Dan McMurray gets clear of Rosario's Liam McKillop DIG IN East Belfast's Michael Foster battles with Johnny Cleary CLOSE ORDER Rosario's Michael Carson and East Belfast's Paul Mannus fight it out for the ball during Rosario's 3-1 win on Saturday
Following in close order are two Central Oregon courses that Brasada Canyons overlooks from the shoulders of Powell Buttes - the Nicklaus Course (76.
Enhanced with the inclusion of a DVD and very highly recommended for military buffs and the Military History collections of academic and community libraries, Into The Dragon's Teeth compellingly provides illustrative stories about what close order combat was really like in those dark and desperate times.
The Galileo Colt has made rapid strides since winning a Windsor maiden, finishing a highly-respectable seventh in the Vodafone Derby on just his third racecourse outing before taking close order behind Papal Bull and Red Rocks at Royal Ascot.
In close order thereafter are represented the SNB and the AD.
Kenilworth's Steve Randall (36-58) and Steve Howes (37-11) filled the next two places as they narrowed Leamington's overall team lead after five rounds of the eight-race series, with Spa's Phil Burridge (37-22), Tim Cadd (37-24) and Steve Hundal (37-29) taking close order behind them.
26 Klein Tools car, left, runs in close order with Brazilian Tony Kanaan in his No.
The major element in such transformation was repeated practice of close order drill.
It is a wonder that anyone required to juggle all that information is able to do anything else, let alone plan the next series of moves to achieve victory on the battlefield--and sometimes engage in close order battle.
The visitors still needed the assistance not only of Kabir, but also of umpire White, who sent back Andrew Flintoff, Crawley, to his first ball, and Glen Chapple in close order.
Her presumed Republican opponent, New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani, suddenly dropped out of the race this spring after announcing in close order that he had prostate cancer, was separating from his wife, and was seeing another woman.
Fellow countryman Ross Metherell, who held off Slater to win at Ferndown, took close order at five under after a 68.