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Synonyms for close off

stem the flow of

isolate or separate

block off the passage through

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Parviz Sarvari, a member of the Iranian parliament's National Security Committee, said his country was preparing to close off the crucial Strait of Hormuz as part of a military exercise, The Daily Mail reports.
Independent protesters decided to close off the Mogamaa without consulting political powers in the square," Mahmoud said.
In essence, it built a giant wall between California and the country of Mexico, but no wall can ever completely close off that border.
Some widely used solvents would cause the silicone to swell and close off the tunnels.
Your thumb will be used to block off or close the right nostril and your ring and pinky finger together to close off the left nostril.
In Mario Sala's images, the window, painting's old paradigm, opens onto doors, which close off passages to illusionary space at the same time as they evoke it.
The Ankle/Foot Gauntlet uses Thermoskin's exclusive patented Trioxon[R] lining that creates a microclimate, allowing the skin to ventilate by wicking away moisture, and does not close off the pores of the skin.
Drop Ons are panel systems used to close off the open end of your TUFFGUY Box.
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Pete Domenici (R-NM) said he was willing to make changes to the bill to get the 60 votes needed to close off debate, but those changes have to be approved by the House because the bill is a final conference report.
With roughly $250, additional beads heavy gauge wire to string them, and tiny "spacer" beads and toggles to close off the bracelets, Snell was launched.
But the university has recommended against confining horses to small areas surrounded by wild cherry trees and called for the use of temporary fencing to close off areas next to lots of wild cherries to "provide an extra level of safety.
How can the police just close off two of the busiest roads in the city because someone thought they heard gunfire?
Police last night said staff from Northumbria Water were due in early today to close off the outfall at the nearby Cow Green reservoir which feeds the waterfall, to reduce the heavy flow of water over the falls and allow divers to start searching.
We had to close off drain covers to stop the fuel getting into the water courses and call out the city council gritter to make the carriageway safe.