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cease to operate or cause to cease operating

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The media house was forced to close down by government security operatives, accusing it of publishing stories that were seen to be anti-government.
However, he added that the plan to close down the CHP is being planned by a group in the government without the knowledge of Davutoy-lu.
Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) has announced a plan to close down its managed lending business, meant for institutional investors.
We will congratulate the government because they got what they wanted; to close down CY," said the head of the Citizens' Alliance Giorgos Lillikas.
Al-Khudari reiterated that the crossing close down will contribute to spread unemployment and poverty, having already closed down 82% of Gaza factories.
The number of closures this year is way more than last year, when 62 out of the 122 that had applied for permission got an approval to close down.
The ministry released a statement in response to reports that the airport will close down, saying: "Only one runway in Terminal 3 will close down from 1:30 till 5:30 am, due to the low number of flights at this time.
The decision to close down the Metro stations was taken by Delhi Police, which is making all efforts to prevent the protesters from reaching the India Gate.
Summary: Hilton International denied Thursday media reports that it intends to close down one of its Beirut hotels, reassuring that its two partner companies in Lebanon are fully operational.
The Villa boss was twice told to f*** o** by Ireland after dishing out a rollicking for failing to close down Danny Guthrie's cross for Newcastle's goal.
Sources told IRSA had asked government of Punjab to close down Chashma Jhelum Link Canal so that water requirement of Sindh could be met at the start of Kharif.
If a violation is repeated third time, or if we find a life-threatening situation inside an outlet, like a leaking sewage, etc, we immediately close down the shop.
We will not close down other businesses or offices in the same building, just the warehouses which are a majority," he said.
I remember when I was at school the school did not close down.
The Government ordered the BBC to close down all production at the BBC Pebble Mill in Birmingham and move to its pounds 2 billion new studios in Salford, Manchester.