close call

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something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

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In developing Close Call, the Air Force's first-ever self-reporting safety program, Colonels Anzjon and Tribo used a commerdal aviation system as a benchmark.
Those numbers are significantly lower for the 32 percent of teen drivers who report never having had a close call.
It was a very close call, and they did not have indisputable evidence to overturn it,'' he said.
Close Call is the first alcohol free, liquid breath freshener that is clinically proven to effectively eliminate bad breath odors caused from eating, smoking and drinking.
MYLEENE Klass had a close call at the Nordoff lunch.
Judging by Dell's decision and the close call at Intel, it may be only a matter of time before the entire tech sector will have to jump on the expensing bandwagon.
Although the increase was one of the lowest in history, most landlords were satisfied with the outcome, considering that New York's weakening economy made the ruling a close call.
Gramps is pleased that the student survived this close call.
RCN Wireless, powered by Mobile Pro's Close Call America's wireless network, launched commercial service today in Boston, MA.
This was the second close call in as many weeks for the Contenders' long winning streak.
While Close Call's active ingredient, copper sulfate, is not entirely new to the breath freshener industry, it is available in a drinkable liquid form for the first time, a major industry breakthrough that gives Close Call unprecedented reach to "bad breath" bacteria in the throat and upper respiratory tract.
There was another close call for Rochdale too when Darren Currie was brought down in the penalty area, but the referee ruled no foul.
Life in the oceans had a close call at the end of the Permian period, 250 million years ago, when 90 percent of marine animal species went belly-up for reasons unknown.
Life on Earth had a close call 250 million years ago, when 96 percent of marine species went belly up.