close call

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something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

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Under the five-year contract, Booz Allen will help analyze incident and hazard reports and accumulated safety data provided and developed by the Aviation Safety Reporting System and Confidential Close Call Reporting System
In NASA, only 8 percent of close call studies generated no further immediate actions, he said, and most of those required more study.
The value of close calls in improving patient safety.
We've had some close calls with buffalo, elephants and very close call with a crocodile in Murchison Falls,'' a national park in Uganda, he said Thursday.
Airline president Tim Clark said yesterday in Paris that its decision on which engine to buy was "a very close call.
It was a very close call because of all the chemicals in there.
So they consider this a rather close call but they are very pleased that some 800 people have indeed survived.
The full scale of the crisis facing the Black Country society and its fight for survival has been revealed by chief executive Robert Sharpe, who said: "It was a close call.
Close Call gives military members and civilian employees the ability to go online and anonymously report accidents that almost happen.
That close call would not have come to pass in the first place if the U.
Their search for a "mice" home (with a well-stocked refrigerator) will lead them into one exciting adventure and harrowing close call after another, in this upbeat and delightful narrative.
It was a very, very close call, but we ended up with 25 Broadway," explained Philip Schwalb, chief executive officer of the Sports Museum.
Dash's close call with a life-threatening illness and his remarkable recovery offers hope to others.
Analysts believe the vote was a close call as the bank's rate-setting committee balanced concerns over soaring house prices and consumer debt levels with the need to keep the economic recovery on track.
The Bush administration did back down on imposing steel tariffs against several key trading partners, but it was a close call.