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Synonyms for clop

the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground

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SNP(6223 (G [right arrow] A)), which was identified as a QTN (quantitative trait nucleotide) located in myostatin 3'UTR and reported in Texel sheep by Clop et al.
Clippety clop on to the stage, Narrating from memory of the inner cage, Gone are the days of the overtime wage, Too young for tantrums, too old for rage.
The clop of the horse's hooves and the call of his trade.
I have seen, and heard, Jaci clippity clop down the streets of Pontcanna on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
Clippety Cloppin' over hill and plain Seems as how they never stop, clippety clop, clippety clop Clippety clop, clippety, clippety, clippety, cloppin' along.
In case audiences haven't cottoned on to the Western references, the film throws in everything from Ricky Tomlinson in a cowboy hat to harmonica and clip- clop rhythms on the soundtrack.
They include a version of In The Bleak Mid-Winter with solo violin and harp, and the traditional Norwegian carol A Tiny Child So Full of Joy with the clip clop of winter sleighs replicated by the violins played as guitars.
IN STEP Dancing on the street in Ballycastle SWEET TREAT Child gets a first look at yellow man CLOP TOIT A lad takes to the street on horseback yesterday
Among such award-winning toys are Eye Clops, a digital microscope that projects magnified images on a television screen and Mugen Puchipuchi, a toy that enables one to feel the joy of bubble-wrap popping.
The products, which will be marketed by Selfridges and other leading stores, include security features such as anti-slash materials, cut-proof straps, combination lock clops and personal alarms.
Although the story clops along rather than flows, he maintains a good sense of dread throughout.
The soloing front line has a headlong pushiness, delivering substantial statements in relay form, driven by the creative rolls, tumbles and clops of drummer Gordon Pettit.
My Little Pony Sharon (above) clip clops back for her mother's funeral - into the arms of a welcoming Phil and into the fire of Peggy, the pint-sized dragon.