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convulsion characterized by alternating contractions and relaxations

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After allocation of the patients to the study groups, baseline information related to patient was collected including demographic data, age, gender, birth history, clonus, post-natal complication, type of labour, convulsions, parental education and occupation.
Pyramidal syndrome included hypertonia, clonus, hyperreflexia, and increased archaic reflexes.
Aproximadamente a las 24 horas del inicio de linezolid la paciente comenzo con fiebre intermitente de 38[grados]C, taquicardia sinusal sostenida de hasta 148 latidos por minuto, hipertension arterial de 153/101 mmHg, midriasis bilateral, isometrica e hiporreactiva (se esperaban pupilas mioticas como efecto de los medicamentos utilizados para la sedoanalgesia continua) y clonus plantar.
The patient's neurologic examination was significant for coma with no response to voice or noxious stimuli, intact brainstem reflexes, involuntary orofacial and upper extremity movements, and hyperreflexia with nonsustained clonus.
41 Fe, 25 25 Menengitis at 13 yo SPS A: Severe headache, SGTCS numbness of left body side, anxiety, vertigo S: Right arm clonus, unable to talk 42 Fe, 24 23 Febril convulsion at 3 yo SPS A: left face, arm numbness, SGTCS blurred vision S: right arm numbness, right leg clonic convulsion SGTCS 43 M, 33 30 A: oral bad smell, feeling SPS neck compression then SGTCS GTCS 44 Fe, 24 24 A: nausea, right arm SPS numbness SGTCS S: right arm tonic convulsion on sleep then SGTCS 45 Fe, 24 20 A: Feeling empty CPS S: Block of speech, staring, loss of contact, oral-hand automatism 46 M, 28 21 A: - GTCS GTCS on sleep Surface CT and No EEG /or MRI Diagnosis 1 1.
Presence of pathological reflexes, such as clonus and the Babinski sign.
Upon physical examination of the lower extremities, spasticity, clonus, and 3+ reflexes were observed bilaterally.
8 Research Council scale out of 5) Ankle Clonus (n) 25 SD = standard deviation.
Shahzad Shamim from aga Khan University, hospital, Karachi talking about spasticity after Spinal cord injury (Sci) said that it increase the tonic stretch reflex with exaggerated tendon jerks, clonus, and spasms, resulting from the hyper-excitability of the stretch reflex Involuntary and sustained muscle contractions.
000 mm3, transaminasas > 70 U, creatinina > 1,1mg/ dl, edema pulmonar, cefalea en casco con fosfenos, tinitus, clonus o epigastralgia (2).
She was noted to have bilateral clonus, 3+ muscle stretch reflexes throughout, and loss of gag reflex.
Twenty-four hours post podophyllin ingestion, the child's GCS remained 5/15; however, he had now developed abnormal neurological signs, including hypotonia, areflexia with no clonus and reduced power in all limbs, but with no evidence of a pseudobulbar palsy.