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Synonyms for clomp

to make a dull sound by or as if by striking a surface with a heavy object

Synonyms for clomp

walk clumsily


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She's also developed a walk that would suit the wrestler Giant Haystacks - she clomps around as though she is 22 stone, not 10.
Lucky, the next giant step in animatronics, has skin the color of four-leaf clovers, stands 9 feet tall, snorts, grins and bellows, and clomps along on two supremely sturdy legs.
The evening turns into an awkward succession of faceoffs, as one character after another clomps out into the bogland to inflame Hester's emotions.
He clomps uninvited into Domino's house and watches her hump Joseph on the floor.
What's interesting is that Kaplan clomps along after the trend, whining about the corrupting influence of conspicuous consumption.
Mules have carried riders into the Grand Canyon daily for 80 years, and we haven't lost a paying customer yet," declares park livery manager Ron Clayton--a reassurance you repeat to yourself like a mantra as your mule clomps along, obstinately sticking to the trail's outside edge.
Barely into her 20s, Isa clomps onto the screen sporting a brush haircut that was surely self-administered and wearing the motley layers of a wanderer.
When he clomps into the room, his footsteps practically announce the various projects he has helped bring into existence over the years.