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Synonyms for clomp

to make a dull sound by or as if by striking a surface with a heavy object

Synonyms for clomp

walk clumsily


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I truly hope so because last year's event found me clomping up the Champs Elysses in a borrowed pair of brown brogues .
last time in this column I described the broken leg that Penny, my current Irish setter (who will have turned 11 by the time you read this), suffered in late November and her subsequent clomping around with a flank-to-toe cast.
Snow-shoeing literally allows you to get off the beaten track and it's great fun clomping down a snow-covered hill side (though hard work clomping back up).
Instead of each foot clomping down as it would in a shoe, it behaved like an animal with a mind of its own--stretching, grasping, seeking the ground with splayed toes, gliding in for a landing like a lake-bound swan" (p.
We were buying shoes that were two to three sizes larger, so when you go to walk it's like putting on your mother's shoes when you were a pre-schooler and clomping around the house.
The choreography is a naturalist's version of the hokeypokey, with little feet clomping as they jump backward excitedly followed by little hands reaching forward gingerly.
Harrison has recently complained about "the great clomping foot of nerdism" of world building.
They are interrupted suddenly by the frenzied clomping of horse hooves.
As to whether there is any rhythm-savvy detective who might break the case himself, we learn everything we need to know when we are first introduced to The Law in the form of the Police Fife and Drum Band, clomping around a parade ground pounding out a lumpy and discordant "Vimy Ridge.
Visitors will be able to step back to an era when the jangle of harnesses and the clomping of Shire horse and Clydesdale hooves were commonplace.
Hyman is one of the most versatile pianists in traditional jazz, a man equally comfortable spinning elaborate bebop lines, laying down a solid swing rhythm or clomping out an old-school stride bassline.
I don't even gotta make no god damn sense/I just did a whole song and I didn't say shit," Eminem raps at the conclusion of "Rain Man," the album's clomping centerpiece song.
Natasha Kaplinsky clomping on stage trying to catch the eye of Prince Charles simply will not do.