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  • verb

Synonyms for clomp

to make a dull sound by or as if by striking a surface with a heavy object

Synonyms for clomp

walk clumsily


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If you've got teenagers clomping up and down stairs all the time, you'll know what I mean
Cars are banned in Saas-Fee and the narrow streets are filled instead with skiers clomping along in their boots interrupted only by the few electric-powered taxis permitted to take visitors from chalet to ski lift.
Even with the magnetic-ride-control suspension, you're always aware that you're clomping around in a stiffly sprung truck -- solid rear axle and all.
5mm) thick klingerite, switch toggle type kt 2062 by, dip strick extra long, switch rotary position 6a/44v 16a/250v ac, joint for inlet mainfold cylinder head, bush 220dx20zdx20 long copper lead st, ring clomping, ring clamping, hose pipe for breather, valve releif lub oil filter
Perry was clomping down the sidewalk, carrying groceries and opening a pack of gum.
In either case, my advice is that you don't get too excited, start clomping all over the boat, crank your trolling motor--or worse, fire up your outboard.
I'd like to think that those horses found their way back to their owners and not into our school kitchens, although I think I would have noticed if Dobbin had been clomping around among the potatoes and carrots.
LESS than five months ago two-year-old Saphere Jae was just like any happy toddler, clomping around in her mum's high heels and dressing the dolls she calls "her babies".
He's dressed head-to-toe in Shaun Samson, and looks something like a McDonald's Happy Meal version of a street court basketball player, swimming in a mesh jersey with a hairy applique on the chest, grey sweat shorts that hit below the knee and Timberland boots so chunky he seems to struggle with each clomping step.
I'm trying to clear all the spaces that are stagnating, but I'm not a great housekeeper, I don't have a lot of pride in my home, so I don't mind people coming in and clomping about.
All the shops would be in place with doormats for clomping feet and singing, goodmorning bells - and the ringing tills like typewriters with leaping drawers and those security bars, sprung as tightly as mousetraps to squeeze any hopes of escape from the bank notes, which would be handed to bank cashiers, who had little sponges for moistening the tips of their fingers, so that they could count as fast as machines.