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Synonyms for clomp

to make a dull sound by or as if by striking a surface with a heavy object

Synonyms for clomp

walk clumsily


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I hear the familiar clomp, clomp, clomp of my boots and think to myself, I'm not wearing these boots again either
I clomp around with a spirit that has "fallen asleep.
Now he has a couple of tiny pairs which he likes to clomp about in.
Suddenly, we heard little footsteps (always at a run) clomp through the kitchen and up the stairs.
This Fourth of July, my husband and I will clomp up the Eastern Sierra.
Dave reckons he will work off about 500 calories laughing at me as I clomp about demonstrating my new exercise fad to all and sundry.
AS YET, I haven't heard the ominous clomp of a pair of standard police-issue size nines on my front doorstep.
John Spenser, of the Talisman, says: "The play is written around the episodes of the television series concerning the coveted painting of the renowned Van Clomp stolen by the Nazis.
I'll comfortably clomp and stomp my way through anything.
She had laminate floors and every morning between 6am until 7am she would clomp, clomp, clomp around her house in her high heels on the laminate flooring.
The unease never completely vanishes, but as you clomp around in glacier booties, it joins with awe and understanding.
It's all so convenient to the mountain and its major lifts that you can just about ski to its edge, then clomp into a cafe or a condo in ski boots.
Ellen Murray (-2) won division one of a bogey clomp and Linda Tremaye (+4) division two.
Listening now, that was stupid, but my initial instinct originated from the thick husk of her voice over simple chords and a plodding drum clomp.
Clomp through Colorado's snowdrifts with the help of this Sunset contributor, who details more than 160 snowshoe trails throughout the state.