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Synonyms for cloistral

of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

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The Writing behind the Wall: Arcangela Tarabotti's Inferno Monacale and Cloistral Autobiography in the Seventeenth Century.
They designed the impressive chandelier which hangs in Priors' Hall, part of the cathedral's cloistral buildings.
In the larger of the two cloistral spaces were seven small works (in certain instances veritable miniatures, measurable in scant inches), each Untitled and dating to the mid-1970s, situated widely apart from one another and mostly set down directly on the floor.
Pastiche of what the text itself calls "the cloistral silver-veined prose of Newman" (Joyce 175) fills the consciousness of Joyce's hero; his theory of beauty is shadowed at one extreme by a gross evocation of everyday circumstance and at the other by a heightened inner speech which echoes the sounding periods of a Ruskin and (think, for example, of his description of the dean of studies lighting a fire [Joyce 185]) dwells on humble detail in the manner of a Pre-Raphaelite painting.
The bed with vellum pages, useless and so cloistral, is not linen