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Synonyms for cloistered

Synonyms for cloistered

of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

providing privacy or seclusion

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Nuns, then, details the fine contributions made by cloistered women to literature and the arts and vividly portrays their way of life.
Your cloistered sister patterned a blanket for you,
In The Experiment: Gay and Straight, 10 people were cloistered for seven days to explore their feelings about homosexuality.
SOME PEOPLE LAUGHED WHEN CYNTHIA LONGCHAMPS, A divorced mother of three with little money and no medical background began raising funds to convert a convent for cloistered nuns into a respite center for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
And also, so that this holy reform and the obedience to our Holy Father, to the Lord of Clairvaux, and to the Order should suffer no harm, we ordain and command that priests or servants should he retained and no one else taken in, except in council and with permission of the father confessor, who is more knowledgeable about their deeds and conversations than those who are cloistered, and whom we trust to bring in only those who are good and honest for service in the cloister (219).
The objective, says Fray, is to take Afrocentric fine art and art objects, which have been cloistered in museums and art galleries--or have not had the exposure they deserve--and insert them into our everyday lives.
On the contrary, he remained a firm believer, one that was affectionately connected to his cloistered daughter, Sister Maria Celeste of the Convent of San Matteo, whose religious name reflects her father's preoccupation with the heavens.
Under the new regulations, in fact, the Sisters almost never left what had now become very like a cloistered convent, doing their work inside the newly christened Saron with the two remaining doors locked for a good part of the day.
Strolling veneered and cloistered streets she cursed
The American chestnut shows up in the Appalachian range, in protected pockets of central Mississippi, and in cloistered forests in Wisconsin and on the prairieland of Iowa.
Most plant genes reside within the cell nucleus, but a few genes critical for photosynthesis remain cloistered in the 100 to 300 chloroplasts scattered through the rest of the cell.
So far, digital music has been a PC-centric phenomenon which has developed without disturbing the cloistered world of home audio.
As a cloistered order, the sisters live mostly isolated from the rest of the world, never leaving the four walls of their convent.
An eclectic blend of Italian Renaissance, Gothic and Moorish influences can be seen in the 23-story building: cloistered sky terraces, parapets, elegant arches and arcades, dramatic Corinthian pillars and two Art Deco towers that bring spectacular views into many of the residences.
First built as a hospital in the latter part of the eighteenth century, to a stolid Neo-Classical design by Francisco Sabatini, its ponderous bulk is penetrated by a central cloistered courtyard, now a luxuriant garden that offers welcome respite from Madrid's scorching heat.