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Synonyms for cloistered

Synonyms for cloistered

of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

providing privacy or seclusion

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While the Carmelite nuns continue their cloistered life of prayer at their monastery in Arlington, Texas, Fulbright, also known as Sister Mary Bernard, is busy in the outside world, directing the Community Services Development Center in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.
We were cloistered," Chittister says of pre-Vatican II days.
Because the community is cloistered, the recordings all had to take place within the convent, and the contract had to be passed through the grill.
Thus, Evangelisti concludes her history by pointing to a time when cloistered nuns would no longer form the majority of religious women, but rather sisters.
Wealthy families were inclined to protect their investment in costly dowries for their daughters who entered such houses through irrevocable vows and a cloistered life.
Under the archway there is a "no entry" sign, with a tantalising glimpse along a long cloistered passageway.
She chose to make the sisters in the play a cloistered monastery of Poor Clares, a branch of Franciscans known for their vows of poverty.
The new design is modeled after cloistered gardens and features a central skylight over a lush plant area, as well as antique-inspired fixtures.
An 18th-century academic and alchemist whose wife dies in labor decides to devote his life to an experiment: he will keep his daughter cloistered in his Buckinghamshire manor and raise her to be his scientific equal.
It was mid-November when I saw it, and while certain suburbs were ablaze as a result of a long-pent-up social rage, while rioting blew like wind on the outskirts of the capital and spread to other suburbs around the country, Grasso's video Untitled, 2003-2005, sent an enormous cloud rolling through the cloistered streets of Paris like a dust storm.
George and Julian Marchmont made a wager that they could meet and seduce Cassandra Woodford and Rosalind Powell, two beautiful and mysterious young ladies cloistered away behind the walls of a Gothic abbey.
A forest glade, a cathedral, a mountain top, a cloistered abbey, a secret garden.
A forest glade,a cathedral, a mountain top, a cloistered abbey, a secret garden.
Even in cloistered convents, women and men "found their way to the parlor grille and sought advice from nuns with a reputation for spiritual discernment" (158).
From a four-year exploration, she distilled her selection to 13 orders representing large monasteries and small groupings; fully cloistered, semi-cloistered and active sisters; from those whose main task was prayer for the world to midwives on the border helping poor women birth their babies; from teachers on a Native American reservation, to a non-canonical community struggling with diversity.