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Synonyms for cloister

to put into solitude

Synonyms for cloister

residence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)

a courtyard with covered walks (as in religious institutions)

surround with a cloister, as of a garden

surround with a cloister

seclude from the world in or as if in a cloister

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Two finely detailed facades of overlapping green Cumbrian slate panels flank a U-shaped atrium which embraces the gardens while office wings to either side are suspended over a column-free cloister-like entrance hall.
At the lower level, meeting rooms and the smaller auditorium of the conference centre under the pavement are approached along a cloister-like corridor which overlooks a pool.
The Oxford college is directly descended from the monastic cloister, with a wall of rooms surrounding a cloister-like quad or series of quads.