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Synonyms for cloisonne

enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal strips

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(for metals) having areas separated by metal and filled with colored enamel and fired


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To accurately portray the appearance of the Zheng He Treasure Boat, Ulysse Nardin called upon its enamel specialists Donze Cadrans for the intricate enamel cloisonne technique so valued by collectors.
The dome table clocks offer a perfect format for refined decorations in cloisonne enamel using various enamel paints.
Tripod censer, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period (1736-95), gilt bronze and cloisonne enamel, ht 33cm.
The art of cloisonne enamelling became one of Japan's most successful forms of manufacture after its renaissance around 1840.
All the basics are presented in a jewelry guide that assumes little prior experience with either torch work or jewelry making, and which covers traditional enameling techniques from stenciling to cloisonne.
Par ailleurs, ce professionnel de la finance a souligne que le marche des capitaux dispose d'une courbe de taux importante, [beaucoup moins que]ce qui pose un probleme lorsqu'elle est prise comme reference[beaucoup plus grand que] par les operateurs, mettant ainsi l'accent sur le besoin de [beaucoup moins que]sortir du systeme cloisonne pour renforcer le role de ce marche dans le financement de l' marocaine[beaucoup plus grand que], surtout que la Bourse des valeurs de Casablanca [beaucoup moins que]n'est pas encore representative du tissu entrepreneurial marocain[beaucoup plus grand que].
Fumer ou rester deux ou trois heures cloisonne dans un environnement de ce genre de fumee equivaut a avoir fume une dizaine de cigarettes, car il faut savoir que le maassal (melasse parfumee, ndlr) contient une concentration en monoxyde de carbone qui depasse de loin celle de la cigarette.
The art originated in this region and so it is fitting that it has returned to the region," said Zhong Xu, the 45-year-old custodian of the Chinese version of the art, cloisonne enamel that was used to make decorative items for the royal courts of the Yuan and Ming dynasties.
Richly cinematic and more tasteful than the average mainland Chinese period costumer, "The Palace" is as exquisitely wrought as a cloisonne vase, but beneath the surface craftsmanship lies a timeworn Cinderella story entrenched in conservative attitudes toward women.
The new items include a helmet cheek piece very similar in design and size to an item from the original discovery and a cross-shaped fitting, decorated with cloisonne garnets similar to crosses from the find four years ago.
Now Birmingham Museums Trust and Stoke-on-Trent City Council are again joining forces to fundraise for the new items, which include a helmet cheek piece very similar in design and size to an item from the original discovery and a crossshaped fitting, decorated with cloisonne garnets that recall crosses from the find four years ago.
200 butylphenol sulfonate (and) buteth-3 (and) tributyl citrate) Cloisonne Vivid Red 450DHCB (BSI--BASF) (Mica (and) 0.
The bottles feature an aquamarine Cloisonne medallion monogrammed in gold.
As an accomplished artist, she mastered drawing, painting and cloisonne enameling.