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Synonyms for cloggy

(used of soil) compact and fine-grained


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And, never a couple to turn down a challenge they decided to join the gang tracking down resident spook Cloggy ( the mysterious former ride-owner said to haunt the Pleasure Beach ghost train.
Not only did they have the indignity of wearing cheesecloth and foul sandals, the only way they could draw attention to their marijuana shrunken eyes was with crumbly kohl and cloggy mascara.
Specifically, the survey sought to quantify: -- Cloggiest & least cloggy among DMA cities and C&D counties -- Americans' experience with clogged toilets -- Feelings about clogged toilets -- Type of items flushed down a toilet -- Perceptions of clogged toilets -- Knowledge about clogged toilets
Ideally suited by a stamina test, the Whittington course should be right up his street and he is fancied to record a long overdue victory in the PPORA Club Members Restricted Race from Our Crusade and Cloggy Powell.
In Babor's concoction this is pleasantly scented and moisturising without being too cloggy on the skin.
Instead, pour cloggy oils and liquids into used food packaging and allow them to set.
I hope it keeps raining, as we just wouldn't want the ground to get cloggy.
It just made my face healthier, bronzed - and it felt really and not cloggy to wear.
Rachel rounded off her performance by dancing cloggy style, accompanied by others dancing to an African tribal beat.
The pitch is fine now, but when the rain comes between October and February, it gets very cloggy and he's the sort of player who is important.
Or at least ask Santa to send Kat a less cloggy mascara for Chrimbo?