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someone who does clog dancing

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And her steps are, of course, her legacy: a collection of steps that will enthuse future generations of clog dancers and will ensure that she is remembered wherever they are danced.
Joining them is Cyw presenter Trystan Ellis Morris, another veteran of the Eisteddfod stage, and S4C news programme Newyddion 9 sports reporter, Iwan Griffiths who's a talented clog dancer.
The puppet animals were at first cute but when one clog dancer stood on the hedgehog it became Bourne black humour.
It was only a matter of time after the surreal arrival of Fiona Taylor as the burlesque Fifi Fontaine - surely the first clog dancer to perform in a basque?
With its intensely emotional structure reflecting the sadness of a blind flower-seller, the film's heroine, and its seamless narrative images, the movie delighted a packed house throughout the evening and on an interesting social note, my grandmother (who doubled as a theatrical landlady) took in Chaplin as a lodger around 1900 during his time touring the Black Country halls as a clog dancer.
The puppet animals were cute at first, but when one clog dancer stood on the hedgehog, Bourne's black humour shone through.
They made their stage debut as a clog dancer called Wiseman and a funny boy with a lollypop called Bartholomew.
HE was perhaps the first stand-up comic, the best-loved pantomime dame and the world champion clog dancer.
The Mosse Troopers are made up of Paul Knox who plays the Northumbrian pipes and fiddle, clog dancer and accordion player Amy Thatcher, guitar and mandolin player Andy Watt and David de la Haye with electronics and bass guitar.
The mentors advising the contestants are singers, Leah-Marian Jones and Gwyn Hughes Jones; actor and comedian, Owain Arthur; actor and director, Daniel Evans; clog dancer, Huw Williams, and flautist, Matthew Featherstone.
The workshops, organised by North East clog dancer and teacher, Laura Connelly, tied in with the production's UK tour which runs until March and are designed to introduce young children to alternative forms of dance.
An unrecognised genius, then, until, bizarrely, he became (more capitals on the way) The Greatest Clog Dancer in the World,' a title taking him to fame and quite unbelievable fortune.
ADOCTOR was celebrating after dancing her way to become champion clog dancer of the North East.
Many years ago, my grandmother was a member of the Woolton Follies, while one of my aunts is a very talented Appalachian clog dancer - occasionally known to performthe Deep South style on top of pub tables.