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Synonyms for cloddish

heavy and dull and stupid


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It musters a healthy amount of torque ( 247lb/ft from only 1,800rpm ( but you have to stay on top of the gear changing, otherwise the estate can seem a bit cloddish.
It resembles our own cloddish, clublike legs less than it does the baroque, exotic wing of a bird's skeleton.
It musters a healthy amount of torque - 247 lb/ft from only 1800rpm - but you have to stay on top of the gear changing, otherwise the estate can seem a bit cloddish.
The artist's untroubled creative id was particularly vivid in the dozens of discrete objects that populated a wall of small shelves, delicately cloddish sculptures looking like something from the workroom of Franz West's little sister: tiny houses and containers and doll-like protuberances, all made from ad hoc combinations of craft-basket bits and bobs in taffy pinks, baby blues, and creamy yellows, sewn and glued and pinned together, then sugarcoated with glitter and lace.
Perhaps her approach represents a lame attempt at masculinity, but are audiences really expected to believe this cloddish Orfeo capable of charming the forces of Hades into relinquishing a beauty like Euridice?
The cloddish camp rock Whatever shows they don't mind sounding as dated as an old Queen B-side, while I Did It For You shamelessly recreates Bryan Adams blustery multi-million selling Everything I Do.
the same cloddish, dung-smeared, credulous crowd, always blathering, bargaining, malevolent and, between one panic and the next, aggressive.
Yet while they lead to architecture that is vibrant and inventive, they produce urbanism that is cloddish and mundane.
And if you were, say, Dennis Bernstein of KPFA--who was arrested after his station manager called the police on him and antiboard demonstrators and was marched out of his station in handcuffs--you, too, would rejoice in this triumph over cloddish and creepy authoritarian rule.
We know what you're thinking and we thought the same thing at first -- holsters that trumpet themselves as "one-size-fits-all" are sure to be cloddish compromises.
Utterly predictable, cloddish comedy from Britain's answer to Jerry Lewis.
Faure's lovely Cantique de Jean Racine was not helped by a plodding, cloddish bass-line from the accompaniment, a painfully uncomfortable imbalance with the singers.
He brings us up to the present with two well-known political sex cases: those of Bob Packwood, the former Oregon senator, who in 1994 was forced to turn over his diaries to the Senate Ethics Committee as a part of the sexual-misconduct investigation of his cloddish advances on female staffers and lobbyists; and Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, from whose home computer Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr (among his other excesses) was able to extract drafts of never-sent love letters to President Bill Clinton.