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Synonyms for cloddish

heavy and dull and stupid


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10am) Norman Wisdom in predictable, cloddish comedy.
But here, at the end of a film that gets stronger--more menacing--as it goes on, instead of the thing itself there is, by Geffen Records' own, a horrible imitation: generic, cloddish, ham-fisted and, in Axl Rose's singing, hysterical, as if the end, the end of the vogue for his band, is all too plain.
Winston is tall and good-looking and - in a switch from the cloddish guys of ``Waiting to Exhale'' - an honest, considerate companion and sweet, gentle lover.
The British press make this ethnocentric conceit seem not just simple-minded and cloddish, but dangerous to America and the rest of the world.
The Brotherhood also failed in Mursi's cloddish power grab last month, and they failed again when they called out their thugs to beat up anti-Mursi demonstrators earlier this month.
Be grateful for DVD's ease, but regret what's lost--the movie projector's plaintive noise; celluloid's luminescence and nuance; film's pocked, cloddish corporeality.
On ``The Weakest Link'' Robinson delights in snapping insults at her cloddish contestants.
A cloddish story, badly told, goes nowhere with the speed of a slug on tranquillisers.