clockwise rotation

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rotation to the right

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If advertising combines a level effect on market demand with a clockwise rotation, [p.
The parameter s governs the shape of the distribution of valuations such that an increase in s represents a spread in the density of w and, hence a clockwise rotation of [F.
It is the clockwise rotation of the bowel loops that result in the whirlpool sign on cross-sectional imaging.
This states, as I am sure you know, that action and reaction are equal and opposite, so a clockwise rotation of a microwave will include an anticlockwise rotation in the Earth.
When viewing the S-Parameter data on a Polar Plot, the data should have a clockwise rotation, indicating a positive Group Delay.
With a simple clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, the Tiger and Jacky tip shapes enable angiography of both the RCA and LCA with one catheter.
5 mm thickness were injected in the RCEM, with distinct filling sequences: conventional moldings (stationary), used for comparison purposes, and nonconventional moldings produced in the continuous clockwise rotation mode at different rotation velocities (25, 50, 150, and 300 rpm) during the filling stage.
As a consequence, the logs optimized for clockwise rotation were over-rotated and the counter-clockwise logs were under-rotated.
But the block under Six Flags California-Magic Mountain rotated clockwise 30 degrees and another block farther east, north of the Foothill Freeway, recorded a clockwise rotation of 34 degrees.
Clockwise rotation increases the trigger force by 0.
The spinning strategy was in a clockwise rotation within the plane of the picture.
Printed on four separate panels hung together, the four faces and four feathers appear to float in a counter clockwise rotation.
Other frequencies alternately gave an anti-phase reaction, a clockwise rotation of the pendulum, or the separation of dowsing rods.
The direction in which the propeller turns depends on the positions of the two dampers; the molecular motor can be built in two mirror-image forms, making both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation possible.
An acoustically tracked float quickly deployed in the lens showed a persistent clockwise rotation.