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Antonyms for clockwise

in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock

in the direction that the hands of a clock move

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ClockWise is the first useful-skew clock synthesis solution that unleashes hidden timing budget by making use of clock skews.
We are very pleased that VIA has adopted Ultima ClockWise as an integral part of deep submicron design methodology," said Wayne Dai, Ultima's founder and board chairman.
Cranking the winch clockwise (the wrong direction) with the cam locks still locked.
Close the valve all the way by turning it clockwise as far as it'll go.
ClockWise Technologies, a leading developer of advanced 3D platforms for the Windows operating system, announced today the addition of Malcolm Hoenlein to its Board of Advisors.
ClockWise will also incorporate the Smart Card technology that King com utilizes into Win3D to ensure enhanced security for subscribers wishing to access its servers.
For the second phase the work will switch to the clockwise carriageway from Wednesday and will continue until Saturday 29 March.
These findings, says Matsumura, confirm that CheY acts on the protein "switch" responsible for clockwise rotation and also provide some clues to the general question of how chemical signals prompt cellular behavior.
Page 2-35 of the M17 TM 3-4230-228-10 says the burner fuel Knob at startup should be turned fully clockwise.
Clockwise from top: silver oval blue topaz pendant on chain, pounds 34.
The device is rotated (at least 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise), transecting the spider vein.
The cast of ``Some of My Best Friends,'' clockwise from top left: Joe Grifasi, Michael DeLuise, Alex Mapa, Jessica Lundy, Jason Bateman, Danny Nucci and Camille Saviola.
The No 11 crosses nearly every major junction across the city and runs in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction.
The trick is to find a mechanism that could produce a small weight loss when the gyroscope is spinning clockwise (as seen from above) but not when it's spinning counterclockwise or standing still.
The correct rotation of the scissoring cable strands should be counterclockwise for the right side and clockwise for the left side.