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Synonyms for clocksmith

someone whose occupation is making or repairing clocks and watches

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The clocksmith also managed to find old records naming J Arthur Hoare as a bellringer in Tycoch in Swansea in 1965.
Peale--a onetime clocksmith, silversmith, saddler, revolutionary, portraitist, natural historian, inventor, agricultural reformer, and museologist--was a living archetype of the Jeffersonian polymath, embodying the impulse toward conquest through knowledge, categorization, and ratiocination that Dion explores and critiques in his own work.
Significantly, we also learn that the philosopher's own father was a clocksmith, and the sophisticated analyst of the human machine retains a memory of his early fascination with the examples of mechanical order that lined the walls of the paternal workshop.
If you see the value of humanity in your newsletter, of having people act/think/do in your newsletter in concert with how they actually act/think/do - well, you're better served tapping away like a clocksmith than blasting open a hole for the sunlight.
Presenters included a clocksmith and clock collector.
London clocksmith James Cox created the golden musical and automaton table clock (pictured right) 750 years ago and it's valued as high as pounds 300,000.