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someone whose occupation is making or repairing clocks and watches

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His great-great grandfather was a clockmaker in Coventry and his father helped fight the fire following the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in 1942.
As a young man, Mr Bache served an apprenticeship as a clockmaker before becoming a professional musician.
Son of a clockmaker, Jack left home early, drawn towards the river and its ever-changing tides.
And you'd need to know a bit more still to know that the John Kay of the flying shuttle wasn't John Kay the clockmaker who helped Arkwright with the water frame.
After returning to the winner's enclosure at Wolverhampton last time, CLOCKMAKER is taken to repeat the trick in the Betfred Double Delight Conditions Stakes (1.
JOHN Whitehurst (17131788) was the eldest of the seven sons of Congleton clockmaker John Snr.
But he warned the planet could not afford to wait the 60 years which passed before clockmaker John Harrison collected that prize.
Enrico Fulvi, said to honor a noted clockmaker in Perugia, is 32 inches in diameter -- Howard Miller's largest wall clock -- and sells for about $299.
What occurs then is a nearly 50-year quest by the clockmaker, during which he has to overcome both naysayers and his own doubts.
Kurt Ollmann (the muleteer Ramiro), Georges Gautier (the clockmaker Torquemada), David Wilson Johnson and John Mark Ainsley (the two buffo lovers) all make similarly positive contributions.
The translation of A Visit to the Clockmaker constitutes a story in itself.
As a young man, he served an apprenticeship as a clockmaker before becoming a professional musician.
Pontefract-born clockmaker John Harrison invented the first accurate marine timekeeper to give seafarers an exact fix on their location.
Fast and furious I'm in awe of the MP4 SPENT a day watching the new McLaren MP4-12C being race-tested on a track in Spain and marvelled at its clockmaker precision.