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the time taken to traverse a measured course

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In addition to independent clocking for PCI Express, the IDT CV115C PC clock also offers independent clocking of CPU, SATA (Serial ATA) and USB interfaces, allowing each clock to be individually optimized within the system, resulting in superior performance.
In typical synchronous clocking designs, data is transmitted from the source and clocked at the receiver using a local clock signal.
The IDT LVDS fan-out buffers increase system dependability by providing redundant clocking with a mechanism to eliminate glitches when switching from one clock to another.
Serial buses in computer and storage applications have some unique challenges including compliance testing and clocking of test devices.
ADI's single-chip approach replaces several discrete components and, when compared with existing solutions, enables designers to reduce board space and bill-of-materials (BOM) costs for clocking by more than 50 percent.
Spread spectrum clocking technology can virtually eliminate EMI filter networks and ferrite beads, with an added benefit that circuit board traces can be routed more effectively, enhancing design flexibility and layout.