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paying excessive attention to the clock (in anticipation of stopping work)

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IN LINE with today's clock-watching corporate ethos, Delifonseca is the perfect city centre eaterie.
If this banal notion were to go forward, hiring Richard Branson for one day per month would do far more good than yet another layer of government supporting teams of day-dreaming, clock-watching, penpushers.
Give her an interesting and gifted actor to bounce ideas off of and Parsons, the former artistic director of the Actors Studio, is in no danger of clock-watching.
Legal cases should be conducted on the basis of thorough process not clock-watching.
Competitive games after school or on Saturday mornings were dealt a savage blow by clock-watching teachers even before the PC army stuck its oar in.
Some critics have harped on how tedious the film is: the endless clock-watching, Margaret carving her desk over and over again, the slow-motion shots of people doing odd sorts of things throughout the day.