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paying excessive attention to the clock (in anticipation of stopping work)

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My cat (TabithaCatherine aka `Catty')is an inveterate clock-watcher.
Another clock-watcher was Alex Williams who returned from Australia to agree a last-minute one-year deal with Ross County.
Don't talk about the money, because if that seems to be your main interest people will think you're a clock-watcher.
CLOCK-WATCHER Graham Bradley will be playing cat and mouse in today's Tote Gold Cup, ready to pounce on winter warmer Couldnt Be Better.
After all, very few employers want clock-watchers on their staff and this is how you might come across.
Working long hours might impress the boss or even win promotion - but clock-watchers are likely to have the last laugh, a study shows, as they are at less risk of a potentially fatal stroke or heart attack.
Working long hours might impress the boss, but clock-watchers are likely to have the last laugh, a study shows, as they are at less risk of a potentially fatal stroke .
Her workouts have had the clock-watchers rubbing their eyes in disbelief and I would much rather back her than either of the Irish superstars who have been on the go all season.
Not likely, as the clock-watchers would consider such a study a waste of time.
This compares with 42 percent of "cautious clock-watchers," 22 percent of "day-to-day embracers," and 7 percent of "doubters.
No-one wants to see us become a nation of clock-watchers," Mr Barber added "But a more sensible and grown up attitude to working time could cut out needless unpaid hours and help more people into work.
An icon for the disaffected, the put-upon, the clock-watchers and the daydreamers, here was a man with his finger constantly and gleefully on the self-destruct button.
However, it's essential viewing for habitual clock-watchers as it centres on a stressed out IT worker who, after a visit to the occupational hypnotherapist, becomes so relaxed he quits his job for the zen-like pursuit of "doing nothing".
Clock-watchers won't be able to peel their gaze away from the colorful red, yellow, orange and green Pine Ridge logo that adorns the clock's stark, white face and contrasts impeccably with its black plastic housing.
Keyed Entry (Prado), 40-1: Another Pletcher product, the Wood show horse has impressed the clock-watchers but not the students of stamina.