clock watcher

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a worker preoccupied with the arrival of quitting time

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This will prove that you are not a clock watcher, and show your commitment.
At first, Holland is a clock watcher in class who lives for the after-school hours he can spend with his half-finished symphony.
Les O'Brien, a leading Melbourne clock watcher said of Media Puzzle: "No horse has impressed me more on the Sunday before the Cup since Doriemus landed the race back in 1995.
More of a clock watcher than a ball watcher as he counts out the time until his next Bosman transfer.
Mrs Sullivan's former supervisor, Martin Kilbride, told the Glasgow tribunal she was a slow learner and clock watcher.
The clock watchers were drooling over her performance at Newmarket on her debut and the way she travelled and went to the front on the bridle strongly suggested the drop to 5f wouldn't pose her any problems.
We do not want to turn Britain into a nation of clock watchers.
No one is suggesting we turn into a nation of clock watchers, but maybe it's time we give ourselves a break.
EXPERIENCED clock watchers in Millennium Place will have noted one of the council's top officers teeing up more excuses for not putting back the Time Zone installation.
For those clock watchers, who keep looking at the clock and worrying about '2am .
But frustrated clock watchers are going to have to wait at least three more weeks.
Lough Electric in Dryden is not a place for clock watchers.
Clock watchers will tell you the time was very ordinary but he seemed to win with any amount in hand and could be a class above today's rivals including the filly Ninita who also has a 100 per cent record having scored at 50/1at Wolverhampton on debut.
Apparently, they assume that the Taliban consists entirely of nine-to-five clock watchers.
We do not want to turn Wales into a nation of clock watchers, and few mind putting in extra effort from time to time when it is needed, but it is too easy for extra time to get taken for granted and then expected every week.