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a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside face

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Gerard McCabe took on the role of Doc, with his character whizzing from the Gasworks clock tower down to Belfast's own Marty McFly, Dan Gordon, waiting in the DeLorean below.
On July 28, the Cabinet made the unusual invitation resolution that: "The Member of Parliament for Colne Valley and other interested community groups be invited to put forward funded proposals for the future use and retention of the clock tower.
Thanks to the generosity of owners of the Middlesbrough Estate, new buildings, including the clock tower, designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the Royal Academic who designed the Natural History Museum in London, were opened in 1877 in King Edward's Road, at the end of Albert Road.
Archeologists believe that this Cunningham Clock Tower is the one among four other historical clock towers in Pakistan.
The new clock tower will have the exact dimensions of the original except that it stands solitary, like an obelisk, where the original one sprouted from within a six-story administration building.
The clock tower is at the centre of the King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project, which consists of seven towers and is one of the world's largest construction projects.
The Clock Tower revived our business during the last three years," said Abbas Subhi, marketing manager at a hotel located in the Clock Tower.
The main procession was held at Shah Yusuf Gedez Imambargah, from where a rally was taken out which concluded at Clock Tower.
DSU campus services executive director Shelly Ruesch said, Most universities also have a tower, a clock tower that s kind of the center of campus, place that students go to take a picture, or place to meet.
See more pictures of the clock tower hidden spaces at www.
She saw some men sitting at the clock tower, she was subjected to more abuse and one of the men got up, his face screwed up with anger.
However, the Plaza's clock-tower does add distinction to the district; it is already referred to as Segaiya Clock Tower.
VISITORS to Cardiff Castle are now able to get a unique insight into its renowned Clock Tower, as specialist tours are launched for the first time.
Summary: Sharjah Police are investigating the death of an Asian man who was stabbed near the Clock Tower roundabout.
Emr Middle East, the Saudi Arabian arm of UAE-based real estate giant Emr Properties, has begun the handover of 316 serviced apartments covering 11 floors of the huge Makkah Clock Tower building .