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a reading of a point in time as given by a clock

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The location will be worked out with the Campus Planning Committee, and supporters would like someplace prominent where students and faculty can make a daily connection between the sun's movements and how that relates to clock time.
But you get better wall clock time, better integrity, very efficient replication to remote locations.
Beginning in 1972, every two or three years, a single second has been added to the calendar--more than twenty times--to keep atomic time, civil clock time, and the globe coordinated.
Of course, Jensen's goal was totally uncontemporary: a classic New York School search for correspondences, a hope to unite chronos and kairos, clock time and God time.
In just under two hundred pages of text, Smith charts (and there are, quite literally, many charts) the coming of clocks and watches to the antebellum South and explores the impact of the growing dependence on clock time on the Southern mentalitywhite and black.
One indispensable element turning peasants into a modern proletariat, they demonstrated, was breaking them from rural or artisan "natural" time to the industrial clock time upon which modern capitalism was based.
They then assign a clock time to each item so that the responsibility for staying on time is shared by all.
But some students seem to have more clock time than others because they use their clock time better.
When the latency gets longer than the clock time of the processor, there's nothing the processor can do.
35sec, followed by Muhammad Asghar, also from Punjab, with clock time of 28.
But these are the predictable, worthy uses, equivalent to announcing clock time.
He explains that this clock time is at this moment (tick-tock, tick-tock) being undermined and replaced by another temporal empire based on a computer's idea of real time, and this disjuncture opens a crack through which is it possible to see that time, space, and timespace are social constructs.
When "commanders lost control of the clock," clock time lost "its authority to order action," and "military precision and coordination .
Clock time has long been out of step with the heavens ("To Leap or Not to Leap," SN: 4/22/06, p.
And, when the power returns, the clock time will automatically display the correct time.