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a reading of a point in time as given by a clock

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Southern agricultural journals, like the Tennessee Farmer, the Southern Agriculturalist, and the Farmers' Register, increasingly preached that "time is money" and related doctrines supportive of clock time.
Although he notes that clock time was an innovation of 18th-century capitalism and not of later industrialization, Mark M.
Once you determine what these tasks are likely to be, or at least the area that they are likely to occur in, and once you know how much clock time your mind requires to build cells for difficult tasks, you can set the time you need to accomplish them.
Durkheim (1915) emphasizes the importance of social rhythms whereby communities and social groups can have their own time relative to other communities and relative to clock time.
When the latency gets longer than the clock time of the processor, there's nothing the processor can do.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Led display digital clock time recorder
Soon after the inauguration ceremony, the athletic even including 800m race was held in which Sohail of Hazara clocked 2:11:16sec by winning first gold medal, followed by Mohammad Saleh Khan of Bannu with his clock time 2:13.
But these are the predictable, worthy uses, equivalent to announcing clock time.
He explains that this clock time is at this moment (tick-tock, tick-tock) being undermined and replaced by another temporal empire based on a computer's idea of real time, and this disjuncture opens a crack through which is it possible to see that time, space, and timespace are social constructs.
Clock time has long been out of step with the heavens ("To Leap or Not to Leap," SN: 4/22/06, p.
The cost-effective system intends to increase efficiency, security and safety factors for pipeline operations personnel by remotely providing pipe/soil potentials on either a weekly or monthly basis, monitoring pipeline travelers to GPS coordinates and atomic clock time, and providing alarms in the event that a pipe becomes damaged by either digging, drilling, illegal tapping or terrorism.
Students are aware of rational, clock time, but seem to understand that there is an experience of time that goes beyond clock time.
6) Although nineteenth century Americans were attempting to build a modern, orderly society based in part on the clock, Civil War hospitals retarded such progress as clock time failed to impose order.
ExtendTime[TM] Mobile allows any employee to use a PDA or Smart phone that is Web enabled, to clock time, review schedules, transfer labor hours, check benefit accruals, and receive messages from supervisors.
35sec, followed by Muhammad Asghar, also from Punjab, with clock time of 28.